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Our elegant slate roof tiles preserve the classic feel of a traditional home while also providing a sturdy and long-lasting roof option. The finished result is a natural aesthetic that will likely last over a century. Get in touch with us to enquire about our top quality slate roofing services today.

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Slate & Tiles

Roof Tiles Our versatile roof tiles come in a variety of colours to perfectly match the exterior of modern homes. Roof tiles are very hard-wearing and will provide superb protection against rot and insect damage. Our team will work alongside you to offer you a roof tiling service suited to your preferences and home requirements. Storm Tech Roofing solution LTD has accumulated over 30 years’ experience installing tiled roofs in the local area. We work alongside our customers to determine which styles and materials offer the best results for their budget. We supply a range of roofing materials to provide the perfect roof for all homes in the London areas. To enquire further about our slating and tiling services, give us a call or fill out a consultation form for a free no-obligation quotation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a leaky roof. What should I do?

Firstly a roof will not repair itself, the longer it is left the worse it will get. Where possible, we will try to minimise the damage. If it’s dripping or pouring in the home place a container underneath to catch the water. Then call us, we do attend to emergencies.

What are common roof problems?

Some common causes are

  • Puddling – This happens due to drainage issues or incorrect angles sed when installing a roof or sagging. This means water is not correctly directed into the guttering.
  • Shrinking of roofing membranes.
  • Ageing and weathering. Gaps and cracks start to form.
  • Incorrect or badly installed roofs.
  • Falling tiles or trees.
What’s the best roofing material?

The best roofing material is dependent on the job in hand. A flat roof would not have tiles and a pitched roof would. All roof types require different materials. We can advise you of what type of material is best for the job in question and we only use the best roofing materials. A roof is only as good as the finish.

How do I know it’s time to replace my roof?

The internet is the worst place to ask this question. Every website will give you different advice. Call our team and we will come buy and carry out a free roof check. We will advise you of any work that does need doing and whether this could be carried out as a repair or whether you need a full replacement.